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Insuance (to Be Sure!)

Its kind of obvious that we need to insure our cars right? And yes it can feel quite needless to pay for something month after month as long as nothing happens .

Crashed Car thanks to wikimedia

And for me having cars revolving around at my garage and parking-lot it can get a bit expensive and sometimes messed up (in Sweden we have the “TrafikförsäkringsFöreningen” that ensures that you pay your insurance and yep that’s expensive )

But i found a great company now (i hope) and signed up all my cars there Svedea and they sends an invoice directly to my bank account, (in sweden we have a automatic withdrawal named autogiro and invoicing directly on you account, both has their pluses and minuses but i love the invoice model)

Now i hope they are as great as they can, had some kids trowing something at the front window on the SAAB and i got glass insurance so we will see