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Ok im not the best person to do a proper begining , so now heres the presentation.

Im Motormaniac, a 39 y.o father and husband who as an rehabilitatio effort builds streetrace cars. The rehab part is because of an Motorcycle accident in 2002 who nearly killed me, today i still have the pain i my back left and some problems with concetration and shorttime memory (so i write down everyting i need to remember).

When i had my accident ther where many who thought that i wouldnt be able to have a normal life , but ive fought hard since then and im still here, still alive and kicking.

I have allways been a petrolhead, and had my first car when i was 15 y.o, after that i went in to bikes and has buillt quite a few nice ones *smile*

But after the accident both me and my wife decided that cars would be a bit safer .

Before the accident i worked as an Technical Project Manager but those days are over, today i work in administration and are quite happy with that.

To be able to keep up my carprojects i m quite dependant on sponsorship and has been lucky enough to have a couple who helps me.

Music is also something thats keeps me going, i listen to everything from Swedish Pain to Emigrate, rammstein and metallica.