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RoadTrip from Hell

How should i describe how it feels to sit behind the Wheel och a car in the size of a toaster steering it towards the north of Sweden knowing that it¨s gonna take some time to travel 1060 km (689 miles)?


10 hours drive on roads that really shifts in both quality and density of traffic, and on top of that a steering wheel that begins to shake like a rock-drill when it gets over 100 km/h (like 55 mph) yep it takes some serious concentration and a great In Car entertainment system to drain out the noice and the boredom from such a trip

So what was the purpose of the journey, to fix up some issues after my mothers departure and to keep my mind from the sorrow to weld the Backyard Benz so it would get trough the technical inspection .

It was doomed to fail from the beginning, a w168 Mercedes has those plastic covers underneath and guess what you will find underneath yep if you voted for rust you just won a smile from me. So i turned the Benz towards the south to start the long way back home just to find that the Benz has a fail safe setting so 2500 rpm was max and ut feel like driving a really weak truck that you have to gain speed in the sloaps to get up the next hill, yep my patience where tried out on this trip

And you could guess the response from my fellow(?) drivers on the road, so many grins and blinking of light i felt like the worst person on ther road, but hey i never give up

So now the Pt Cruiser has become my daily driver and the Backyard Benz is in the garage to get a new look so look out it’s going to be… Epic or something