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For all of you a Story of ChaOS

The Story of ChaOS and what it means

Yes im quite aware that its a lot oft people from around the world visiting motormaniac so why not an article in English (or as much of it that i remember )

First of all thanks for reading, its so nice knowing that there is more gear-heads out there in the world, and now over to The ChaOS.


Ford KaOS (in Swedish kaos means Chaos ) no its not as pretty as the picture above, at least not yet , i got caught by this small car a couple of years ago when one of the major car magazines in Sweden voted it to be Sweden’s ugliest car ever so i began to search the net for people who had done miracles with this small car.

And there i found  UK and people shoehorning in Zetec 2.0 engines in it, and i just felt that this would really be a nice thing to do over here to, why would the English have all the fun ey?

So now began the endless search for a cheap Ford KA, during the search i put together a quick n dirty project for the Vallåkra Exhibition (one of Sweden’s biggest car styling exhibitions during the summer) The Mummy Project


It was a Volvo 944 from 1993 and the whole car was foliated with Duct Tape all of the painted areas had a layer of yes Duct Tape.

Yes even the racing inspired hood decoration , to do a little more than just a car covered in Duct Tape i installed a car stereo from Alpine  Ida – x200 with the ktx-h100 dsp Amplifiers from Mutant (4×300, 2×400, and 2 mono amps for the 12×2 subs)

And the music came from Spotify through the CarPC system (4G internet and wifi hotspot for the show) the whole project costed just under 1000 € with the car included .

But after that it was time to find the ChaOS again, but first i was in the need of a family car again, the mummy went to the lokal car graveyard (the glue from the Duct Tape made it in to Sweden’s biggest flytrap after removing the tape) .

I found a nice car at an auction, they where selling old swedish police cars and i found a nice one, the Incredible CopCar 🙂 a 1999 SAAB 9-5 Turbo with sirens and blinking lights,

So finally i could concentrate on the ChaOS, and yes i found it, its an 1999 Ford KA mk1 with some minor issues to fix before i can upgrade it to something nice, i got inspiration from Street Customs Germany  to actually build an Zetec enhanced Ford KA with a Multimedia setup painted as a Smaller version of a American Police car with the sirens from the Swedish SAAB and the lights … The Maniac Cop Car aka KaOS

Just like a KA just better hope you hang around for the project and ill promise to get more international with my articles