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An now something in English

It feels a bit strange writing in english here on, but i have seen for a while that a lot of readers is from outside of Sweden so yes here comes some words in English.

The work with the prospect of the new Maniac Trike Project moves on, and even if im tempted to do a futuristic version (yes i’ve been looking a bit to much on prototypes and concept drawings) im sticking with the Exile approach/Influences old school meets Cafe Racing and from that Chaos love will be in the air


Im really impressed at Russell Mitchell’s work with the bikes so it will be my interpretation of his work with a bit of Maniac twist on it .

and on top of it all i will also do a Stress project with a car and with my really tight budget this year it might be the little Red Rover that gets it this time (i have a Rover 214 standing on my parking place)

I got another Question for you before i reward you with some more pictures of Exile bikes (and Russell if you read this please send me a line and say Hi ok?) i want you to answer a short question:

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And now some bikes, i will soon publish the Project lineup for The Maniac trike.. stay tuned