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Time to clean up a bit

New ProjectCar new possibilities could it be better, or let’s take a look at what i got.

saab 9-3 rear chaos

Yep it’s a SAAB and it has a lot of issues that needs to be fixed, and as usual im thinking about what i should do , what i want to do and what the result might be.

SAAB 9-3 spare
Spare tire

Lifting all the interior mats and looking under them i found quite a lot of dirt, dirt and yep you’re right more dirt. The car has been used on a horse-farm so it came as no surprise and i promise it’s a lot to clean up (and to be hones im thinking of replacing the interior

saab 9.3 rear floor
saab 9-3 interior

Now i cleared out a lot of leaves and dirt cleaned up the “Bird Bath” underneath the wipers and yes it was a good bit of the Forrest in there or ok i found out where all the autumn leaves ends up, yep they are there

Next step will be fixing up the SID2 display (yep it is pixelated ) and begin to see what to do about some of the rust issues